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3 BEDROOM | 1.5 BATH | SLEEPS 12-14


Living Room

This part of the property is one of our personal favorites because it features a 2-story window that looks out on the courtyard. It makes for a unique space to strike up a conversation with someone. The rest of the living room faces a 65" TV with streaming service access.

Kitchen / Dining Room

Like the main house, the first floor of the guest house is an open concept with lots of natural light. The half bath sits in the back corner of the kitchen opposite the door to the basement apartment.


Loft Room

The guest house loft room has one queen bed and 4 twin beds and overlooks the seating area on the first floor. The 2-story window comes into play again and lets in beautiful natural light and a gorgeous view of the courtyard. This room also has a 60" TV with streaming service access.


Bedroom #1

The slumber party of your dreams. This bedroom sleeps 4-6 people and includes a 60" TV with streaming service access.